£45pp (10+ years and over 1.3m in height)

Climb the mine or Classic

£40pp (10+ years and over1.3m in height)

via ferrata is an Italian term which means ‘iron path’ it is a protected climbing route, built with a steel cable rail fixed to the rock, metal steps, ladders and suspension bridges.

The word defines both the route and the outdoor activity, which consists of progressing through the via ferrata by using a harness clipped onto the wire. Half-way between scrambling and rock climbing, via ferratas allow non-expert climbers to reach high altitudes in a safe way, using minimum equipment.

The origins of via ferratas can be traced back to World War I. In order to allow the troops to make their way through the mountains, many protected routes were built in the Dolomites, a mountain range in northeastern Italy, very close to the border with Austria. Many of those routes have been restored by the Italian Alpine Club and became accessible to travelers, giving birth to via ferratas as an outdoor activity on its own right. 

In the last 20 years, via ferrata have grown into a popular sport and many routes were built in different countries, especially in the Alpine region. Via ferratas are a great way of exploring the mountains and does not necessarily requires previous mountain experience, but you will need to have a good physical condition and little fear of heights.

we have three options for via ferrata, the Classic which is more of a simple scramble and mountain journey, the Xtreme for those with a head for heights and sense of adventure and Climb the Mine an unforgettable underground journey though the historic mine with a few challenges on the way. perfect for a wet day.

which ever you choose a memorable journney will be had.


Perfect for the whole family

An assisted mountain scramble for the whole family.


Great wet weather option

An amazing underground journey for the adventurous.


A head for hights is needed

Adrenaline junkies fix.

Exciting and high

WHat you need to bring

Warm Clothes

Waterproof Jacket and Trouser

Strong footwear with good grip

Warm/Windproof Gloves

Woolly/Warm Hat

A snack

Any medication you may need

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