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£35 per person
3 hour journey

£45 per person
3 hours coaching


Canoeing can be one of the most perfect and relaxing ways to explore and enjoy the Lakes and be enjoyed by all, from the young to the old and from the novice to the veteran all can be involved. 

Our Canoe sessions are tailored to suit you and your group. After a short introduction to learn or consolidate your paddling skills and make sure you know how to keep yourselves safe, the session becomes yours. It can be close to shore with lots of games and fun, a journey out to visit some of the beautiful sheltered bays and islands of the queen of the lakes, Derwent Water or a mix of the two.


The canoes can be paddled in tandem where 2 people paddle together with skill and grace to control the canoe. This can be a truly peaceful and relaxing experience when all goes well. it's rare to tip over but its not impossible, that said the feel of gliding though the water in a hand-built canoe is definitely worth the risk. 

 The canoes can also be paddled rafted. This means that 2 or 3 boats can be tied together creating a stable platform that can't tip and everyone can paddle together. This option is great if you have anyone in your group who is less confident, young or physically incapable of paddling for any length of time. 

During the session we usually stop somewhere to take in the view and enjoy a warm drink. This could be whilst floating in the middle of the lake or in one of its scenic bays or on one of the historic islands.


If you find that you have love of canoeing, we also offer canoe coaching sessions. These involve an Indepth look at how to paddle a canoe solo (on your own) not just from a sporting side, we also take a look at the history, exploration and outdoor living skills that go so perfectly with canoeing. There is more to canoeing than can be shown or taught in one day so a conversation on what interests you beforehand is how we make sure you get exactly what you want from one of our coaching session.


Half Day Journey

2 people – £45.00 per person

3 people – £40.00 per person

4+ people – £35.00 per person

Family discounts available on request


This activity can be part of a full day 

Half Day Coaching

2 people – £55.00 per person

3 people – £50.00 per person

4+ people – £45.00 per person

 Family discounts available on request

This can also be offered as a full day


2 people min

Starts from 6yrs

We can go as low as 3yrs with prior notification


Warm Clothes

Waterproof Jacket and Trousers

Waterproof Boots or Wellies

Warm/Windproof Gloves

Woolly/Warm Hat

A drink and a snack​

Warm change of Clothes​ and a towel

Any medication you may need


Half Day

3 Hours

Can be part of a full day

9am - 4pm


Qualified Instructor

Bouyancy Aid



Warm Drink

I just wanted to thank Justin for his amazing support and guidance. My partner and I took the sunset canoe trip and my word what an experience. I have a huge fear of water and this was something I was determined to do. Thanks to Justin's relaxed approach and reassurance I think I may be on my way to losing my fear!Amazing feeling of personal achievement and I can't thank him enough.

Christine Elrick

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