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Welcome to our Canoeing and Coaching page, where the stunning Lake District National Park can become your playground for adventure! Immerse yourself in the world's most spectacular scenery as you embark on an unforgettable journey in a Canadian Canoe.

The canoe is a remarkably versatile vessel, making it suitable for all ages and abilities. Whether you're seeking a day filled with laughter and games, a serene river journey, or technical canoe coaching, we can customize your session to perfectly align with your desires. Our aim is to cater to your needs and create an experience that exceeds your expectations.

Canoeing offers a range of possibilities that cater to different preferences. It can be a peaceful and calming activity, allowing you to soak in the tranquillity of your surroundings. On the other hand, it can also be an exhilarating and high-energy experience, featuring team racing, group challenges, and even a touch of sailing. The options are limitless, ensuring that there's something for everyone to enjoy.

While having fun is our priority, we also emphasize the importance of learning. Canoeing provides an excellent opportunity to acquire valuable skills in paddling efficiently and safely. Our experienced coaches are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and helping you develop your abilities while ensuring your safety on the water.

Take a moment to explore our range of options and discover which experience best suits your preferences and aspirations. Whether you're seeking adventure, skill-building, or simply a memorable day surrounded by nature's beauty, we have the perfect fit for you.

Your outdoor adventure awaits, so start exploring our offerings and get ready to create unforgettable memories.

ssion to fit perfectly with your needs, whether you want to have a fun day filled with games, a journey down river or some technical canoe coaching. Canoeing can be a wonderfully sedate activity for some but it can also be high energy, with team racing, group challenges and even a bit of sailing. There are endless opportunities to have fun and to learn about the skills of paddling efficiently and safely, so have a look at our range of options to see which is the best fit for you.

attractive woman enjoying a camp fire on Derwent Water


An awe inspiring journey into the night

A family canoeing on Derwent water

Fun for all the family

A great way to spend quality time together

a couple learning to canoe on Derwent Water

Learn the art of canoeing

Build on your skill and knowledge of canoe journeying.

Young boys toasting a marshmallow on a canoe trip near Keswick.


Learn how it all began with some journeying and outdoor living skills.

a group of friends having fun canoeing on Dewent water



Make shared memories by exploring the Lakeland waters as a group.

canoeing down a river.



Build on your paddling skills in a beautiful dynamic environment.

I just wanted to thank Justin for his amazing support and guidance. My partner and I took the sunset canoe trip and my word what an experience. I have a huge fear of water and this was something I was determined to do. Thanks to Justin's relaxed approach and reassurance I think I may be on my way to losing my fear!Amazing feeling of personal achievement and I can't thank him enough.

Christine Elrick

A group canoeing at sunset on Derwent water
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