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Stand up paddle boarding (aka SUP) is the fastest growing sport in the UK and we love it! This is a great activity, where young children can have some fun, but also gain some skills on the board and water confidence. We start on shore, with a short introduction to some beginners paddling strokes and safety basics, then the session becomes yours. We can stay close to shore with lots of fun and games, or we can journey out to visit some of the beautiful bays and islands on Derwent Water, setting challenges along the way. If any members of the group are nervous about balancing on a board, we can easily turn your board into a sit-on-top kayak, so that we can all confidently venture out onto the water together. Little children can sit on your board with you, so long as they are ok with cold water, as we can never guarantee that a swim is not on the cards! After all the exertion and perhaps the odd dunking, we return to shore and have hot drinks to warm ourselves while we get changed and dry off.

*Please note that under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Half Day

1-3 over 10yrs – £45.00 per person

4+ over 10yrs – £35.00 per person

10yrs and under £25 per person 

Full day options are available

Please email for details


min 2 people

Starts from 10yrs

We can go as low as 3yrs with prior notification


Underwear and a t shirt to put on under a wet suit

Fleece jumper

Woolly/Warm Hat

Comfortable shoes (Trainer/water shoe)

A drink and a snack

Any medication you may need

A warm change of clothes and footwear for afterwards


Half Day

3 Hours

Can be part of a full day

9am - 4pm


Qualified Instructor

5mm Wet Suit

3mm Wet Suit Socks

Bouyancy Aid




Warm Drink

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