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Our family canoe sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities. Depending on your preferences and the weather, you might want to try paddling a canoe on your own, in a pair or threes, or rafted together. To raft the canoes, we simply secure two canoes together with wooden bars, making a very stable platform. This is a good option for nervous paddlers and young children, though you can certainly expect to get splashed while trying to coordinate your paddle strokes and we’ll have lots of fun playing games along the way! Unless you request otherwise, we usually run our family sessions on Derwent Water, which is surrounded on all sides by a breathtaking panorama of mountain peaks. You get to soak up the local scenery, whilst exploring the shoreline or journeying out to one of the islands. We usually stop for a hot drink along the way, so adults can stretch their legs while the kids have a run about on the shore. All of our instructors are experienced at working with young children, as well as adults, and will make sure that you have a safe and fun filled session. You are sure to go away with lasting memories of your visit!

 *Please note that under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Half Day

1-3 over 10yrs – £45.00 per person

4+ over 10yrs – £35.00 per person

10yrs and under £25 per person 

Full day options are available

Please email for details


2 people min

Starts from 6yrs

We can go as low as 3yrs with prior notification


Warm Clothes

Waterproof Jacket and Trousers

Waterproof Boots or Wellies

Warm/Windproof Gloves

Woolly/Warm Hat

A drink and a snack​

Warm change of Clothes​ and a towel

Any medication you may need


Half Day

3 Hours

Can be a full day or

part of a full day


Qualified Instructor

Bouyancy Aid



Warm Drink

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